Grin and Tonic

Grin and Tonic provides a range of creative play courses to nourish your well-being, promote a positive sense of self, exercise your creativity and give you an energy boost.

Play enhances happiness. Through Play, we can experience greater creativity, improve our relational bonds, build teams, have an enhanced sense of well-being and greater productivity. It’s vital for problem solving and building trusting relationships. It’s great for your overall health!

Outcomes include: improved cognitive functioning, being able to deal with stress with greater ease and fluidity, creative thinking, energetic lift and increased laughter.

Drawing on theories and practices from positive psychology, Mindfulness, Embodiment and neuro-science alongside experience from Education, theatre and clowning, Grin and Tonic offers a range of blended courses which involve physicality, movement, breath-work, meditation, improvisation and mindfulness strategies to get you out of your head, into your bodies and the present moment. In a safe, nurturing environment, you are enticed into exploration with curiosity and wonder in the Stretch Zone where you learn through taking supported risks and explore your uniqueness with lightness and liberty.

A Grin and Tonic course will benefit your health, calm your mind and boost your immune system. You just show up and play.

Give yourself permission to play with a Grin and Tonic course.

Try one!


‘You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.’  – Plato