Well-being through Play, Sunday drop-ins, 11am-1pm

Well-being through Play is a weekly two hour session for those wishing to lift their spirits through silliness and dedicate some time to open their hearts and flex their imaginations in the moment via playing with other supportive souls in Zoom.

Great for creativity, well-being and connection. It’ll put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

‘Thank you for opening my heart today. I felt love pouring in.’ – Suni, London

‘Oh my word, when I ran after the session, I was singing at top of my voice! I can’t stop playing. I feel energised. Defo going to introduce more dancing and singing into my daily life. Thank you.’ – Heather, Gateshead

‘Energising, fun, playful. Allows my vulnerabilities to come out and be examined in a playful safe way. Helps me accept and appreciate them. It’s always joyful. Time to forget myself every week.’ -Karen, Brighton

£10 per drop-in