About Sarah

I want to spread the power of play for our well-being, social and organisational cohesion. Through play we can understand ourselves and one another. We are invited to listen, be present and respond in the moment. It’s challenging and rewarding.

With 25+ years teaching in the state sector, and a background in theatre, I offer tailor-made Creative Play workshops in team-building, well-being and clowning.

Participants thus far have included business leaders, educators, people in recovery, prisoners, actors and the purely curious. This work provides access to our creativity; strategies for mental well-being and team-building tools to develop esteem, trust and communication. Fascinated by group dynamics and how we can encourage teams to function more effectively and inclusively, I use play to help develop empathy, confidence with expressing creative ideas and empower people to express themselves.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.’ (Victor Borge)
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