Well-Being has come centre stage during the global pandemic. Previously unimaginable situations have been forced upon us all and we’ve been required to notice our mental health and that of our nearest and dearest alongside our colleagues and neighbours. ‘We are all in this together’ we are told. Such circumstances offer the opportunity to explore the centrality of well-being in our lives in order that we may be happy, healthy versions of ourselves and able to serve our purpose.

Grin and Tonic offers a range of Creative Play workshops for individuals, families, teams and organisations.

Designed to meet your Mental Health Strategy and/or current needs enabling participants to: connect with other people, learn new skills, be mindful and present, physically active and have fun.

Great for:

  • self-esteem, confidence and creativity
  • team building: communication, connection, trust, laughter-as-a-bond
  • change: agility of thinking, finding solutions in the moment, preparing for the unknown, being present and calm in the not-knowing, confidence
  • using humour and improvisation to: lighten the load, reduce stress and anxiety, find ways to invent new solutions, be in the now.

CONTACT ME to discuss your needs.

‘The most joyous and mindful experience I have had for ages. I laughed, played, trusted and connected. I absolutely loved it!’ – Sharon, harpist and soprano

‘I felt safe. I felt valid. I felt seen.’ – Kaylee, mental health advocate